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A protective polish indicated for the care and protection of stainless-steel surfaces

New entry in the Allegrini product range for the Ho.Re.Ca. and food industry.

The brand new product Lucidante Acciaio Plus has been created by our researchers in order to obtain a unique product able to make all stainless steel surfaces bright and protected.

This is possible thanks to the innovative anti-fingerprint formula that contains special low odor solvents and allows you to take care of stainless steel, found in professional kitchens and food industries, without the risk of leaving traces, halos and fingerprints.

Its pluses are so good that they have become part of the product name:


- It polishes in a single step, removing grease and stains

- It leaves a brilliant protective layer that prevents stains for a long time

- It facilitates subsequent cleaning, making it easier and faster

- It prevents corrosion for a long time

- Mirror effect result


The product is ideal for use in professional kitchens on hoods, worktops, refrigerators, cabinets, shelves, etc.

It is used in all catering activities such as bars, restaurants, grocery stores, butcher shops, bakeries, fishmongers.

Also suitable for steel care needs and maintenance of equipment, machinery, etc.


Watch the video tutorial:


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